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This army is done.

Of course, if I decide to come back and you all decide to come back, then we’ll bring it back. But until further notice, it’s pretty much done. I am on the fence of quitting CP, Austin8310 quit a year ago, and Sunrise quit not much longer than Austin did. I think this is pretty much done. I would like to thank everyone for the great run, and I’m sorry 5232Jada, you never got your chance to edit and post. I am really sorry for that, and anytime you want to come work on my CP blog, you can. I know you are very angry with this army Jada, but remember the good memories.

This site will not be deleted, it’s a historical mark in CP, and we may come back to it. But I highly doubt it, I hope to see you all again! As you all are still my great friends 🙂

Merge with the spartans?

Okay, I have been wanting to merge with someone forever. I don’t wanna be apart of this army anymore, I mean It’s getting too much. If we merge, we all get the same ranks! Sunrise Moon and Austin8310 quit CP. Sooo I don’t know what to do. There is no more practice battles or anything. SO should we merge or not? If not, I will try and keep up with this site more. Think about this one please 🙂


Nothing new

If you were wondering, there was absolutely nothing to post and I’m telling you why… nothing is new. 🙂 Keep checkin back

~Eric E


Claiming Flippers server. + practice battle because we need to keep active

Update: WHERE IS EVERYBODY? I’m waiting 2 more minutes until 4:05

We only have 1 server called Ice Berg. But now, we are claiming Flippers and if anyone wants to war for it, let’s go to war!

Practice battle

saturday 7/11/09

4:00 pm

American server: flippers (our new server)

Meet at snowforts.

Wear the non member green safari hat from the adventure party, brown safari hat pin, and green bamboo background.

I will be on Eric E

Sorry for the bad grammer or spelling. I’m a bit tired right now.

Anyone who shows up could be eligible for a promo. Thanks.

Battle for cbos

Another battle vs. FFCP is on Wednesday. We are taking over Winter Land again because it wasn’t really a battle last time and we have not secured the server. I want to see everyone at the battle and on chat on Wednesday. Here’s the info: What: Battle vs. FFCP Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 Server: Winter Land Room: Snow Forts Times: 3:00 pm PST 4:00 pm MST 5:00 pm CST 6:00 pm EST Why: To take our own server back


Dbruce12, why did you declare war on ACP? Why did you not ask us!

Rhino25,Oh, I’m sorry. I had no idea, WE DON’T OWN CHINOOK ANYMORE M.T.C.P

Initial Chinook claiming vid

Claiming Chinook!

Don’t ask about the weird static noise, never happened to me before.

Our new server

We’re claming  “Chinook.” It’s a Canadian server. No one will war for it, no one cares for it. We are claming it!

War for the new C.P.B.O.S.

A war vs. RFW has started up. We’re helping Golds and ST with this war. Here’s the info:

Date: Sunday, June 7, 2009

What: War vs. RFW

Server: Rocky Road

Room: Snow Forts


1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm MST

3:00 pm CST

4:00 pm EST

Try to be there :) ~Eric.

Operation “Penguin Freedom” for C.P.B.O.S.

Ok, it looks like war is going on between RFW and ST. vs. Club Penguin Brother Hood of Steel. Since we are allies, we are obliged to help them out in this termoil. So if you can make it, that would be great. Here is a direct post from C.P.B.O.S.’s site,

I have heard that RFW and ST claim that Sabertooth is their server. It’s OURS! It’s our capitol for pete’s  sake. Screw helping the ACP were in this war for our own reasons now. Here’s the info for the battle vs. RFW and ST. I will try to get as many allies to join us in the invasion.

What: Invasion Of Sabertooth (Operation Penguin Freedom)

Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Server: Sabertooth

Room: Snow Forts

Why: ST and RFW claim they own Sabertooth while it’s our capitol server so we’re gonna fight them for it.


5:00 pm PST

6:00 pm MTS

7:00 pm CST

8:00 pm EST”

Said by Club Penguin Brother Hood of Steel leader, Rhino25.